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 Get beach-body ready with this complete core building class!  Seriously... 30 minutes is all it takes.  Strengthen your center and sweat it out to high energy dance music... Disco lights and all!!  So much fun, you'll totally forget it's good for you! 
(You're gonna want to bring your sneakers for this one)

So you think you're not "flexible enough" to do yoga?
 (That;s like saying you're too dirty to take a bath... just saying)
 Been super curious, but too intimidated to try?  Weirded out by all the chanting and the eastern mysticism of it all??  Man -oh- man, is this ever the class for you!!  We'll break it all down in a totally accessible, completely un-scary, body positive kinda way... You'll want to share it with all your OM-ies!         Absolutely, positively, no experience required.  Like ever  ;)  

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We are proud to be located in the heart of Port Richmond!
 Find us at the corner of Edgemont & Somerset across the street from the Hinge Cafe.
2651 E. Somerset Street
Philadelphia PA 19134